The Gift of Speeding Tickets
The Gift of Speeding Tickets
What consequences signal your pacing is racing

faster than you were designed to?

One in ten drivers get stopped in the United States annually for speeding and 70% receive tickets.  Want to guess who received one at the start of our vacation? At first I thought, “What a bummer!” But then I wondered if the Lord had purpose in this.

Heading into this vacation we both desperately needed rest, time to slow down and consider all that is going on in our lives.  It wasn’t just our car that was going too fast!

When we arrived at our Airbnb I was delighted to find there was a bike and helmet available with breathtaking country roads heading numerous directions just waiting to be explored.  The first day I biked 23 miles!  I was in seventh heaven.

The following day rained so my body received some rest, but on the third day I was back on the bike, tackling an 11 mile loop. I was shocked at how hard I was struggling.  I discovered why when I hit the top of the loop.  I didn’t pedal once heading back and my gears were set as high as they could go!  The first half of that ride was harder than the 23 miles two days prior!

My body thought so too, as the next morning I could barely move without experiencing sharp pain in my back.

Thankfully a friend once shared with me exercises to help my back recover (Thanks Ron!) but this takes a few days.  No more biking on this trip.  Sigh.

But that created space for reading, thinking, praying, enjoying sweet time with the Lord and with Jim.  As I rested in between sets of back exercises, the stillness provided opportunity to prayerfully consider my pace of life and how I might better live well so I can love well and last.

Just like the speeding ticket signaling we were driving too fast, my back really is a consequence providing helpful feedback.  I only wish I could say this was the first time I’ve been hit with back pain.  When I’m living life at a good pace, there’s time for me to do strengthening exercises and live pain free.  But when I’m not…

What serve as “speeding tickets” in your life?  What consequences signal you are living life at too fast a pace?  Can it ever help to identify and heed them!  They really are gifts from the Lord.

I wish you could’ve seen the look on the officer’s face when I thanked him! (Romans 13:1-6)