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“Let the wise hear and increase in learning and the one who understands obtain guidance.” Proverbs 1:5


All God’s works are wonderful, including you! Do you know this full well? ASSESSMENT COACHING provides a powerful process for discovering and embracing the unique way the Lord’s hand fashioned you enabling you to live well, love well and last!


How well do you hear? SPIRITUAL LIFE COACHING helps people learn how to listen to the Lord, reflect on what He is saying, explore opportunities to respond and grow in the way He leads, while learning tools that equip you for the rest of your life to follow Him!


TEAM COACHING and MARRIAGE COACHING facilitate learning how to better relate to others. As team members explore their unique design differences, self awareness, engagement, and unity have opportunity to increase, fostering a healthier team.


When experiencing hard times associated with change TRANSITION COACHING helps those struggling dive below the waterline where true transformation occurs and deeper intimacy with the Lord is experienced.

Before GPS’s and compasses were invented, sailors would follow the coastline as far as they could using features on the land to help them navigate, but when their journey took them beyond, they looked up, using the sun in the day and the stars at night to guide them.

Today, the best way to navigate life is still to look up, asking the Lord, who made the sun and stars as well as you, for direction. One key characteristic of those who labor for a lifetime is they’ve learned how to listen to the Lord. 

COACHING isn’t about meeting with someone who tells you what to do (as in traditional discipleship and mentoring) instead it’s meeting with someone who helps you learn how to listen to the Great Discipler and take time to process what He is saying to you, especially how He is inviting you to join in with what He’s doing to grow you. Such coaching can serve as miracle grow for your soul! And not just during the time when you’re being coached. You learn tools that will equip you for the rest of your life to follow Jesus well! 

Rachel Christofel Pic
"I can not say enough about Deb and how helpful learning about MCore and Strength Finders has been for me! She is amazingly relatable, gracious and knowledgeable. Her coaching really helped me understand my God-given design and how it affects how I live and work. The coaching process is very life-giving and helpful, giving me strategic insight into how these things apply to my ministry and my personal life. I would highly recommend Deb as a coach!"
Rachel Christofel
Associate Campus Director,
USF Navigators
Being a coach myself, I realize how precious it is to have Debbie as my coach. She is always very engaged in our sessions, listens actively and follows up with my action plans. It is not so often you can call your coach your friend, but to me she is a professional coach and also a dear friend.
Inge Nuraini
Abundant Grace International Fellowship -
Shanghai, Life Groups and Outreach Director.
victoria may headshot
I had the opportunity to be coached by Deb over the course of a few weeks and to say it impacted my life is an understatement. Working with her changed the way I think about who I am as a person, my career, and even my marriage. She enabled me to see and appreciate the gifts God specifically chose to give to me and by doing so also enabled me to see and appreciate the gifts God specifically chose to give to others. The atmosphere at Tri County Air is significantly more positive since Deb began coaching the employees here and it has been wonderful to grow alongside other members of my “Tri County Air Family.”
Victoria May
Marketing Director
Tri County Air Conditioning and Heating
Debbie has a unique capacity to listen to me, learn core truths to be addressed, and then invite me into the process of making directional change. She is approachable, attentive, and excels with great questions that help me dig deeper into the hidden places of the heart. I have always left our times together encouraged and challenged, with practical and specific steps that help me maximize my opportunities and leverage my life for greater impact. Debbie is grounded in Biblical wisdom, displays the Spirit’s power in her life, and gives a front row seat to seeing what a life well-lived looks like.
Rich Hart
Georgetown, TX
The coaching sessions I had with Debbie were such a blessing and joy. I will reap benefits from our time for years to come. She is a great listener and provides valuable insights. I highly recommend her as a coach.
Laura Panto
Women's Regional Liaison
The Navigators
The strength finders personality test is so useful but understanding the results and how they apply to you as an individual isn’t straight forward. Deb helped me see the beauty of who I am and that I DO have strengths. I was so encouraged about who I was after what Deb revealed to me in the coaching (Because I had always thought my weaknesses were so much more evident). Deb guided me to see the beauty of who I am, and who God created me to be. Not only did I leave our sessions excited about learning more of my potential, I had a greater understanding of how to use my unique gifts to those around me.
Amanda Lee
Camp counselor, full time student in Nursing school
"Deb is one of the most naturally gifted coaches I've ever met. Not only was she the first person to help me discover my God-given strengths and talents, but she undoubtedly has steered me in the right direction to use my talents for the greater good. I truly owe SO MUCH of my success as a strong, confident and hopeful woman to Deb and the time she has spent generously pouring into me."
Brittany Weldy
We Align Coaching, LLC
Deb is a gifted listener, which makes her coaching so helpful. I never felt more excited about how God made me than after sitting with Deb and hearing her celebrate it all. What a gift to me, and the people I now share my talents with.
Melissa Teten
The Navigators
Women’s Regional Liaison
The work that Debbie does is invaluable! After receiving coaching with her, I felt the Lord take me on a whole new journey of understanding, growth, forgiveness, and hope. I remember sitting across from her with tears in my eyes as I realized things about myself that continue to be healing. I will forever be grateful for the ways the Lord has used her and her giftings in my life!
Whitney Bahr
Artist and Community Development with
Sea Dog Theater
Being coached helped me see that I was wonderfully and fearfully made. It was neat to see that things that I saw in my life were related to gifts that I had. Debbie has a very encouraging way of digging deeper and asking questions that made me think harder. Life coaching helped me to get an idea to a goal and then to actually do it.
Lexi Grace
Deb is able to get you excited about your unique design and make connections to what God is doing in and through you. After being coached through my results from both strengths and motivation assessments, a lot of things have "clicked" for how I operate the way I do, how to relate to others more clearly, and how to grow in all these areas! I honestly think about it almost every day and it's been a couple years since we've sat down together for coaching! You could have anyone walk you through these results, but the difference with Deb is that her deep, genuine care is so apparent, even if just meeting you, and she desires to partner with the Holy Spirit in what God is already doing in your life. I couldn't recommend her coaching more!
Kimberly Harris
Domestic Engineer

About Deb entsminger

Deb Entsminger is a beloved daughter of God, uniquely designed by Him to delight in creatively equipping women to live a great story for His glory and their joy. From discipling for thirty-seven years to speaking at retreats and creating resources, Deb finds joy in encouraging women to know God, get established in their walks with Him and then help others know Him, too! 

A certified Clifton Strengths, MCORE and Spiritual Life Coach as well as a licensed Paterson LifePlan Facilitator, Deb helps women discover and embrace their unique God-given design (talents, motivations, and calling) so they can intentionally follow Jesus as He wonderfully hand-fashioned them, courageously doing the work He prepared in advance for His glory and their joy!

She lives in Florida where she serves as a campus minister with The Navigators. In her spare time she loves to hike, bike and kayak, savoring God’s creation and spend time with her husband Jim who she’s been married to for 33 years!


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