The Joy of Discovering Your Unique Design
The Joy of Discovering Your Unique Design
God's works are wonderful. Do you know that full well?

In the movie Chariots of Fire, when Eric Liddell’s sister thinks he should go to China
immediately as a missionary and not “waste his time” training for the Olympics, he explains,
“God made me fast. When I run I feel his pleasure.”

People often try to tell us God’s plan for our life. Ask others what you should do and opinions
abound! But one key way that can help you determine this, is discovering your unique design.

In Psalm 139 we discover how intimately involved in our creation the Lord is. He forms our
inward parts. He knits us together in our mother’s womb. Each of us is fearfully and
wonderfully made.

The word “fearfully” doesn’t mean God created us and yelled in fright! Instead, the Hebrew
word transliterated yare means stupendous, admirable, in a wonderful manner, wonderfully.

Psalm 139:14 reads in Hebrew, “I extend my hands in worship for I am in a wonderful manner,
wonderfully made. Wonderful what You produce, the very essence of me ascertains by seeing
that in abundance.”

But what does the word “wonderful” mean? Look it up in English and you’ll find it’s defined, “In
a way that inspires delight.”

In Genesis, one key phrase repeated each time after God creates is, “God saw what He made
and it was good.” This doesn’t mean God took time to evaluate His creation and then moved
on, but that He took time to delight in what He made.

Do you realize it brings God delight when he looks at you?

But God also created us so that when we are living according to our design it inspires delight in
us! One key way to discover both the unique talents the Lord’s given you as well as what
motivates you at your core is to take note of what brings you pleasure!

This differs vastly from person to person. The Lord has purpose in this.

The second “wonderful” in Psalm 139:14 is the verb transliterated palah and means to be
distinct, marked out, be separated, be distinguished, to become distinguished, admirable. This
verse highlights the distinctness, the uniqueness of each individual.

A derivative of this word occurs in the second part of the verse, “Your works are wonderful, I
know that full well.” This wonderful, pala, means “to be wonderful, marvelous, be surpassing,
be extraordinary!”

You are uniquely created to inspire delight in an extraordinary way. Taking note of what you do well and enjoy doing can help you discover your unique design. And when you live according to that design, like Eric Liddle, you too can feel God’s pleasure and experience joy throughout life!