Obstacles To Blessing
Obstacles To Blessing

It's easy to get frustrated when obstacles prevent what we desire.

But what if obstacles are God's gift to redirect the flow of our life

creating opportunity for greater beauty?

I’m not exactly a fan of obstacles. As an activator, once I decide to do something I am ready to get it going,  the sooner the better!  When obstacles get in my way I am quick to bind the enemy in Jesus’ name for interfering!  I consider obstacles to be negative.  

But this past week as I camped out at a waterfall enjoying time with Jesus, asking for ears to hear whatever He wanted to say to me,  I sensed him drawing my attention to the rocks creating the waterfall.  As they impeded the flow, a whole new beauty emerged which wouldn’t exist without their presence.  I began to wonder, what if obstacles are really gifts from God, intended to create new beauty in our lives?

As I spent time recalling obstacles I’ve encountered it was astounding to consider how different my life would be without them.

For years I’ve shared when I get to heaven I expect Jesus is going to take me aside and say, “Let me show you what your life would’ve been like if you hadn’t been deaf.”  And I expect I’m going to fall on my face thanking Him for what He saved me from through this disability!  

It certainly redirected my life during my senior year of college.  I studied cultural anthropology and linguistics, even slept on a reed mat on the floor, preparing to be a pioneer missionary translating the Bible.  It broke my heart when my hearing loss was diagnosed as progressive and I couldn’t do that.  

When I consider what the Lord led me to do instead, I am so thankful!  Especially as this resulted in me being married to my husband! He likes to point out, “You freak out at the sight of a bug. What were you thinking?!”

There are physical obstacles such as handicaps, but also relational obstacles, financial obstacles, mental obstacles, geographical obstacles… even my limitations are obstacles which get in the way of me doing all I want to do!  

But could it be my limitations are gifts from God intended to bless me?

Realizing this, my heart praises the Lord for the very parts of life I’ve been most frustrated by.

What obstacles have you faced in your past? In what ways have you experienced God using them to redirect you to a life of greater beauty?

What obstacles are you facing now?  What thoughts come to mind as you ponder the possibility of these actually being blessings?