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The Paterson LifePlan process uses twenty tools designed to help people discover their unique purpose. A one-on-one facilitated journey of sixteen to twenty hours spanning two days, this is the most intense assessment I offer.

The tools learned the first day focus on helping identify your unique calling from the Lord. Tools employed the second day help you learn how to intentionally live out that plan for the rest of your life.

This is an intentional, integrated process led by a trained facilitator, resulting in a roadmap for life.

Cost: $2800 plus travel expenses
(Navigator staff and donors: $1500 plus travel expenses)

If you are interested in experiencing the Paterson LifePlan process first pray and ask the Lord if this is something He would have you do. If you sense Him leading and providing for this, the next step is to fill out a Coaching Request Form. I only facilitate twelve of these a year. If I sense the Lord leading me to coach you through this you will receive an email with further instructions.

Sherry Graf
Women’s Initiatives Project Manager
The Navigators

The Paterson coaching has made a big impact on my life. In March of 2018 I went in feeling like I wasn’t living out my true personality. Over the next couple days we zeroed in on one of the big factors as to why and how to alleviate this problem. I also was up for a job change and the tools were perfect for helping me narrow down the best option.

Just a few months ago I got to sit in while my husband received the same coaching. It was a great review for me and really neat to get to know him even better after 18 years of marriage. Now knowing even more about each other’s giftings and passions we can better support and partner one another going forward. What a gift!

Deb is an EXCELLENT coach and I continue to meet with her weekly for coaching. I’m always amazed what conclusions I am able to draw in 60 mins and the clarity it brings.

I have and will continue to recommend this coaching to many others.

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