MCORE Instructions

  1. Fill out a Coaching Request Form

2. It costs $180 to take the MCORE assessment and be coached through your results. After you receive a coaching confirmation email, send payment via PayPal to (Navigator staff can make a transfer to #23827111)**Navigator staff, students and donors may fill out a scholarship request form.

3. Create a list of eight achievement stories, times when you felt you accomplished something and enjoyed it.  These may or may not be something “BIG.”  But they do need to be specific.

For example, one of Jim’s achievement stories occurred when he was in Elementary school.  He, along with some neighborhood kids, started a fire for fun in a vacant lot that began to get out of hand.  As the kids started running away Jim saw a pile of sod leftover from someone’s lawn being redone and he called the kids back and got them throwing the sod onto the fire and they put it out.  No adults found out about it but it’s a special memory for him of a time when he made a difference.

Basically, there are two criteria for an achievement story:

a. It must be about an activity, something you did, something that required effort and action on your part; and

b. It must be about something you enjoyed doing or took satisfaction from doing.

Brainstorm eight of these stories (during the first coaching session you will be selecting your top three to use when you take the MCORE assessment). Be sure to save your list of eight as we will refer to them during the coaching session.

These stories can come from any time period in your life and from any area of your life. What’s most important is that you enjoyed or found satisfaction in what you did.

And they must involve something you did.  (eg., not, “I visited an incredible ministry in Ecuador where they were really having an impact” but “I helped organize a team to build a house for a local widow.”)

And your story needs to be something specific rather than a milestone achievement. (eg., not “I raised great kids” but “Once when my son wanted to learn carpentry I helped him design the plans, learn to use the necessary tools and together we built a tree house.”)

And it needs to be a specific accomplishment, not a general label (eg., not “I’m good at solving problems” but “In my seventh grade math class I solved a problem that stumped even the teacher!”)

Your stories don’t have to be dramatic or impressive.  They don’t even need to concern happy things or involve an award! They do need to have been satisfying to you.

4.  Schedule a half hour coaching session (you will be sent a link to sign up for this after payment is received, this is included in the total cost) where we will briefly discuss your eight stories and help you select three to focus on for the online assessment and then a second session which will be an hour and a half for after you take the assessment.

5. You will then be sent a like to take the MCORE.

6. Click through the link and register. You should receive an email with instructions within about five minutes. If you don’t, check your Spam folder (sometimes it gets routed there!)

7. On the assessment form online they will ask you to write briefly describing each of the three achievement stories you selected. You are welcome to put a few sentences or go more in depth. It doesn’t matter as this isn’t the assessment. The purpose of writing your story is to get a firm picture of the experience in your mind.

8. The assessment begins when you start answering questions about each story and doesn’t take long to complete.

9. After you finish taking the assessment you will receive your results via email.

10. Print out the report that is sent to you. Be sure to save your report as a PDF before printing. It prints much better in this format! (Also, be sure before printing that your name is in the upper right hand corner of the report – you don’t want to print out the sample report by mistake!).


Let me know if you have any questions.

MCORE Coaching Request Form

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