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Motivation refers to the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way.

Key to enjoying meaningful work and relationships is living according to the design the Lord’s given you for your core motivations! The MCORE assessment is created to help you identify what motivates you at your core.

Your motivational pattern can also help you understand why you perform as you do, where you find joy and frustration as well as help you understand others better, too!

“There is no such thing as a lazy person,
only someone whose core motivations haven’t been tapped into.”
– Art Miller, Founder, S.I.M.A. International

Understanding what motivates you at your core is key for being (and remaining) engaged in your work and not burning out!

Your motivational pattern should be the foundation of every decision you make about your job, career and life.

MCORE is a very different type of assessment than Clifton Strengths. It utilizes a narrative approach based on patterns observed in achievement stories you share. It taps into the very heart of your pattern.

Whenever you feel
you did something well
and enjoyed it,
you’ve experienced an achievement story.

This doesn’t have to be something big and impressive. In fact, if you won a national competition but didn’t enjoy it, that doesn’t count! There is a unique ‘structure’ in each person’s stories, a pattern in each person’s achievements. These stories provide great insight into your core motivations.

NOTE: If you would like a small taste of what the MCORE assessment is like, at this website you can take a free MCORE quiz. The results won’t be as valid or reliable or comprehensive as the full Paid MCORE Assessment (but if you scroll down this page you can download a sample MCORE report to see the difference).

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